Markets and applications

Security of an environment is an essentiel aspect at the heart of our priorities. Thus, we developped the SPID-X gamma camera that is able to detect, localize and measure gamma ray present in an area. This equipment aims to be used for several applications.

Fast detection, identification and accuracy are criteria that are very important to understand and adopt the best way to react the the presence of gamma ray.

SPID-X gamma ray spectro imaging device can be used for several applications :


  • Monitoring

The gamma camma ray is dedicated to the monitoring application on sites in the presence of radio isotopes such as nuclear power plant and nuclear laboratories. The gamma camera can identify the radiation sources in a very short time and then highlight a malfunction of the facility. The camera helps to keep safety on sites by monitoring level and location of radioactivity.


  • Waste management

The safe disposal of radioactive waste is a major concern on many nuclear sites. It requires a special attention, especially for the protection of the environment. For optimal treatment, the waste must be characterized according to its level and type of activity. SPID-X camera it completely adapted for radiaoactive waste management.


  • Decommissioning

Decommissioning is a normal part of a nuclear facility’s lifetime, this activity carries high risk of contamination. The facility must be safely dismantled, radiation protection of workers and the public must be ensured, environmental impacts are addressed, materials (radioactive and non-radioactive) are to be managed, and the regulatory authorization for the facility and site are to be terminated.

Providing realtime radio-active sources characterization, the gamma camera improve the safety of the workers and give a quick information of the environment presenting risks that must be controlled.


  • Emergency

Situations where radioactivity is know to be present, it is mandatory to identify and act to secure the area quickly and as efficient as possible. In case of emergency, the size and the weight of the camera is critical. It has to be an easily handling camera, as is the SPID-X, completely adapted for this kind of situations.


  • Border control

Country borders are key points for radioactive materials transmission. The SPID-X camera is a very useful and convenient tool that may be used in such situations. Gamma ray detection is also to be used in public events and strategic areas.


Nuclear plants need to be under surveillance in order to make sure ensure security of people and equipments.

Waste monitoring

Radiaoactive waste need to be treated in the safest way to ensure best security possible.


The gamma camera provides reliable measurements to ensure security during decommissionning.


Radioactive radiation have to be supported in the most efficient and fastest way.

Border control

Radiation sources detection should be also addressed to border monitoring in order to ensure security of countries and people. It is also applicable for public events and other strategic location.