Who we are

A joint team between French company 3D PLUS and the French Atomic Commissionary developed a new gamma camera based on their technology and knowledge, to monitore and ensure protection of nuclear environments.

Years of development

Initially developed for a space mission using gamma cameras, years of research have been done to put on the market this new gamma camera based on the CALISTE module. It helps keeping areas in safety by identifying, localizing, and measuring the dose rate. It is a major instrument to secure and protect an area.

Reliable identification of gamma rays is essential to safely secure an environment.  Thus, it allows to take the appropriate action regarding the involved element and the contaminated area.

A team work

3D Plus Detection Systems is a team formed by people from French company 3D Plus the world leader for aerospace applications in digital and analog solutions requiring high reliability and high performance (mass storage, processing and computing units, etc.) and a team from the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), creating the ALB3DO lab. This team uses 3D PLUS miniaturaizing technology and knowledge from the CEA, to create a performant, reliable and easy to use gamma camera, dedicated to nuclear environment.

3D Plus Detection Systems aims to provide high quality and highly reliable product for nuclear environment.