The Government supports 3D PLUS in the “NEMESI-X 1” project.

Buc, July 20th 2021

Since March 2020, France has been going through an unprecedented health and economic crisis. To limit the consequences, the government has put in place a 100 billion euro recovery plan to help companies and employees.

The objective of this recovery plan is to promote the resilience of French industry by strengthening its competitiveness by modernizing production tools, digital transformation and improving environmental improving environmental performance. Specific measures have been put in place for the nuclear industry, with 470 million in support for the nuclear industry.

We are pleased to announce that our project “NEMESI-X 1” has been selected by the French government as the winner of the call for projects “Plan de relance pour l’industrie – Nucléaire”.

The “NEMESI-X 1” project thus offers 3D PLUS the opportunity to diversify in order to reduce its exposure to the cyclical aspect of the space market, by positioning itself on a promising market: the nuclear power.

ALB3DO laboratory, the result of collaboration between the CEA and 3D PLUS, is in charge of developing the technology for the “Caliste” detector that will be embedded in the gamma cameras. This gamma camera will facilitate the characterization of waste generated by nuclear power plants for better nuclear power plants for better treatment, all within the framework of protection of people exposed to ionizing radiation and an approach to environmental protection.

ALB3DO has set itself the following scientific objectives to realize in the short term a demonstrator of portable gamma camera and to conduct research for the development for the development of new X-ray and gamma-ray detectors with very high pixel density.